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what flowers will flower

The Ferryman takes my hand, makes a hammock of his body, holds and enfolds me. All around, the turbulence continues. Within his embrace my light shines. I cannot know what it might mean to others. Only that it is. It … Continue reading

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without the boat

Went to ground. Went to water. I was in the fountain all undone. I was in the river with the brown water flowing cool over me, hiding me, holding me. I held the lip of the boat and kept my … Continue reading

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the hedge of my choosing

I am surrounded by a thorn hedge. I have drawn the hedge around myself. I cannot move my tenderness against the hedge without doing damage. The sky comes down into the tangle in the form of cloud. Moisture condenses on … Continue reading

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june bug

Life is funny sometimes. I gathered myself in all seriousness. June has been a density surrounding me, supporting and invisible. Times I might have fallen, but did not. The miracle of buoyancy. Just this, still here, still breathing, while all … Continue reading

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night mother

The Ferryman leans over me, shakes me gently. “Wake up,” he says,  “you’ve been dreaming.” I am confused. It’s dark and chill. Where am I? The ground is damp underneath me. There is a sweet, bent grass scent to it. … Continue reading

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all right now

When I look to my third chakra I see a man in pale coveralls. He is ready to get the job done. He’s got a walkie-talkie pressed to his ear but all it’s putting out is static. He gives it … Continue reading

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equally true

We are deep deep in the green, not moving, past need for movement. In our stillness we are everywhere. We have arrived at the lotus pool. The pool is us. The radiance blooms in our stillness. A wind comes up … Continue reading

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