Books & Blessings
spirit expressed in form

Sometimes it’s good to have something to hold in your hand.

I offer these ebooks and blessing cards to carry away from your keyboard.

dream cycle books

Drawn from the same lucid dreaming that seeds the posts on this blog, these collections thread a number of tellings together to become something lovely in itself.

Each collection is under 50 pages, best sipped slowly, a bed-time read to seed your dreaming.

ebooks available through Gumroad 

If you would be interested in a barter exchange, contact me using the address: lbk@alltold.com

Asking Directions

dream dialoguesIn which the girl journeys to meet the directions. How she goes, what she finds, and the incantations she brings back.

This is the first of two Direction Journey Cycles.

Inside & Out

dream dialogues 2In which the girl wrestles with dreaming and being, and the finding that follows loss.

This is the second of two Direction Journey Cycles. It spawns the story: Lost.

Lost: The Ferryman’s Fee

The Ferryman's FeeI asked the Ferryman the charge for carrying me across. “Tell me a story,” he replied. This is the story. It involves strangers and paths and spoons. A little bit of moonlight and a storm. Also porch steps. And a certain coming to terms.

Buffalo & Lake Water

And their dark-haired TellingIn which a courtship of sorts unfolds.


Blessing Cards

Home Blessing Bundle

Sometimes we forget to be grateful for the place we live in, for all the ways it holds us and protects and supports us. This ceremony and bundle of blessings is for celebrating your home and all the ways it supports you.

Included in this bundle:

  • 23 individual room blessing cards
  • a house blessing ceremony

$11, including shipping

Download the ceremony pdf immediately. Cards will be sent to you. 

Temporarily out of stock. Thank you for your interest.

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