How very kind of you to want to talk to me.

Drop your words into the comment box please.

And thank you.

-Lisa King


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  1. Mikaela Barnes says:

    I am dazzled. How have you been able to do all this and still live your life and do your other job? I am astonished and delighted. This is a wonderful website. I love it. I want to add 2 more names to your subscription but I don’t know the email addresses by my own mind, so I’ll have to check them and come back. Can I email them direct to your email address and you put them on? They will both love this site.


    How did such a daughter come wafting down from heaven into my arms? I want to know all of these characters that are guiding you. Send them to me anytime.

    Love isn’t a big enough word,

    Mom xoxo

  2. sara voorhees says:

    ” Realizing your heart’s desire doesn’t require striving,
    it requires surrender.”

    There are several drops of genius in that line, which came over me exactly as you described: like the sudden ability to breathe.

    Thank you for this dreamy, warrior-woman blog. I am at full attention.

    PS Write a book about your great-grandmother someday. Until then continue the Lake Water Woman dream.

  3. me says:

    You are a goddess water creature…darting about in clear waters…through shadow and sunlight…reflecting rich jewel tones…seen by few who wade nearby…yet sparkling just below the surface…offering beauty to the beholder who is watchful…or just lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

    I am deep within your story without having to dive in. I swim effortlessly beside you and surface refreshed…feeling understood…connected.

    Humbling, to be one of the lucky ones.

    Thank you, Lisa.
    Mary Lester

    PS I’m naming my new buffalo hide drum Dancing In Between.

  4. Lisa – I come to you via Sandra Ingerman’s recommendation in her latest newsletter, and in her wisdom, she has offered us such a gift! Finding your stories is like discovering hidden treasure. Please keep it up. You are right at the heart of what we need to hear. Thank you.

    • lbk says:

      Thank you Victoria. And welcome. Sandra’s good word has brought many new readers. I was just thinking this morning, the circle has expanded but the work remains the same. I must keep on in the same way, live my life, dream the dreams, tell what calls for telling.

      I am honored to have you in this circle and for the tellings to resound through you. You are most welcome here.


  5. Desiree says:

    This is one of the most wonderful blogs Ive ever read! Thank you for your tellings….
    they make me want to journey more. They inspire the writer within to jump for joy at how one’s voice does not have to fit into a box or blah, blah, blah in order to touch the magic of musing.
    I too thank Sandy for this connection! Blessings!

    • lbk says:

      Oh my, such kindness. Thank you Desiree.

      I am always looking for an antidote to the flood of blah, blah, blah. It gives exquisite pleasure to hear that you have found such here.

      It seems that we are close, geographically. You in your Smokies and me here in the Uwharries. Hello up there. How lovely to meet you.


  6. Beth Abernathy says:

    Through my shamanic practice mentor Julie Kramer to her teacher Sandra Ingerman I arrived here in the middle of your posted gorgeous life so revealingly expressed. Thank you for this fertile oasis–your willingness and efforts to share all this makes me cry, laugh, sing, gasp with delight, and zero in with greater purpose on my own wondrous life. I came to the mountains of SW Virginia to finally awake to who I’ve been all along, and although It wouldn’t matter to me one bit where you were when it comes to the gift of your dream stories, it feels so good to me nonetheless to think of you within that spitting distance as my own dreaming usually breathes me in such solitude here. Thank you for stepping so fully into your own nature. It is exquisite.

    Beth Abernathy

  7. Maureen says:

    I am missing your tellings. They speak to me in a profound, deep way, connecting directly to my heart. I hope you will return to writing soon.

  8. mol5 says:

    Somehow someway my sister today I see this. I want to tell everybody that yes she true. (Yes and she is.)

    How affirming, to see these words from other readers, how delighting. I remember the plant light in your room the summer we were 12 and 15. Keep going, keep lighting the trees at night for them, for me.

    xo Molly

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