all these voices

I believe there are spirits in everything. And that life is better lived when tapped into that.

So I have set out to turn myself sideways to the light so that I might engage in conversation with spirit. These are the stories that come of that.

These tellings don’t follow standard story or blog post protocol. They are dream stories. Maybe they will speak to you, and maybe they won’t. Trust your gut on that.

In case you feel the need for a little context, here are a few introductions:

The Wellspring
Is delightful and essential and not afraid to set me straight when I need setting. She is golden-skinned. The water of light rises out of the top of her head in a fountain. She is always in one place, a heart place. She does not wander. She is the keeper of the golden bowl.

I believe she is the spirit of this whole endeavor.

Buffalo Man
I didn’t seek him out. He came to me. We’ve been trying to work things out ever since. He has to do with a writing project, one aspect of which is this blog itself.

Lake Water Woman
She’s what Buffalo Man loves in me. I haven’t figured that out yet but I’m working on it.

My Love
That’s really all you need to know about that.

Night Hawk
Night Hawk was an uninvited guest. I guess it was the noise I was making, running through the tops of the trees, caught his attention. No one had ever just showed up before, like he did. He came to play.

Night Hawk isn’t his real name, I just call him that because it pleases me. Sometimes I just say NH because its faster to type. He has a cape made of black feathers. It’s a cape of expansion. When I’m feeling really pinched, he lets me wear it and then there is room enough for anything. Night Hawk is my anam cara.

The bear
The bear is my fortitude. He lets me know what’s expected of me, keeps me safe, cleans me up when I get snarled and entangled in my own mess. When there’s work to be done the bear will let me know. He’s also the best sleeping companion I’ve ever known.

My little toad heart
Or is he a frog? I should know, but I don’t. He’s my heart. And he’s tender. I’m always coming across him in the strangest places. He has the sweetest feet.

Grace is panther black, with a proud back and silent paws. She is beauty’s daughter. She brooks no nonsense. Grace takes me where I need to go, even when I’m being contrary. She does not hesitate, she does not look back.

The Ferryman is my spirit guide of the border between myself and everything else. He’s the one who brought me here.

First Mate on my pirate ship. She rallies my resources.