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Something will be birthed of this

In my readiness I go looking. I seek the one who holds the scissors, the key and the fingerbone. I call out and she answers. Her fierce aspect bars the way. Incisor on incisor, a delicacy of force, releasing the … Continue reading

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This is becoming

How the soft inhabits the hard. How the real runs tidal through the break walls and the bridges. Go ahead and set the table, with the fork on one side and the knife on the other. Center your dishes. Invite … Continue reading

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Little Bit, shadow of the crane

Days of recuperation have not brought the resilience I’d hoped. The work week dawns and I balk at the gate. This won’t do. I go looking for something to rally me. I find Little Bit tucked up under an eave … Continue reading

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pearl of my heart

The Wellspring greets me with her calm smile, cups my face in her hands in blessing. I am so grateful for her, for her presence in my life, her steadfastness. I want to gift her. I reach into my chest … Continue reading

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water bringer

She lifts my chin with one broad finger, adjusts the tilt of my head so that my spine flows down like water and my shoulders breathe. “That’s better,” she says. She is dun colored, stone defined in broad strokes, simple … Continue reading

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owl wings

I have made myself a bed in the beard of a sleeping giant. I rise, dance and scatter flowers across the rise and fall of his breath. Then I settle back and sleep some more. I might be wearing bells … Continue reading

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Telling is brushing her long black hair. She is supple and smiling. I give her the golden bowl to drink from. She has forgiven me my long neglect. My heart pours out, rippling and dark as her hair. We have … Continue reading

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what flowers will flower

The Ferryman takes my hand, makes a hammock of his body, holds and enfolds me. All around, the turbulence continues. Within his embrace my light shines. I cannot know what it might mean to others. Only that it is. It … Continue reading

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without the boat

Went to ground. Went to water. I was in the fountain all undone. I was in the river with the brown water flowing cool over me, hiding me, holding me. I held the lip of the boat and kept my … Continue reading

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the hedge of my choosing

I am surrounded by a thorn hedge. I have drawn the hedge around myself. I cannot move my tenderness against the hedge without doing damage. The sky comes down into the tangle in the form of cloud. Moisture condenses on … Continue reading

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