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Beltane and the blessing of the Bull

It is Beltane and I dream of cattle. No leaping through fire though, just standing together looking in the same direction, the bull and I, my hand curled around his horn, his breath coming soft and warm. He has pulled … Continue reading

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Coming to rest

I step through all loose and sandy. The wellspring runs her fingers through my hair, loosening grit, pulling out bits of twig and fingering small braids, these knots of remembering. I am sandy-bodied too, shivering and shifting in my bones. … Continue reading

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Something will be birthed of this

In my readiness I go looking. I seek the one who holds the scissors, the key and the fingerbone. I call out and she answers. Her fierce aspect bars the way. Incisor on incisor, a delicacy of force, releasing the … Continue reading

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This is becoming

How the soft inhabits the hard. How the real runs tidal through the break walls and the bridges. Go ahead and set the table, with the fork on one side and the knife on the other. Center your dishes. Invite … Continue reading

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There is a woman whose body is the flight of birds. She reclines along the watery rim of the world. There is urgency to what must be done. Time moves through her in a tight whirl, a furious condensation, drilling … Continue reading

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All we have to do is to make your mother laugh

There are pins in the map to mark the sorrows, and so we go there. And again. I ask what might please her. She cannot say. We cannot fathom. She lives in a bramble of language. Nothing of any consequence … Continue reading

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Seeing fox

You see raccoon, I see¬†fox and the alchemy that has eluded me all day, arrowing straight across my path, crossing me, hailing me, startling me awake. The car fills with a babbling like bubbles under rushing water. In all the … Continue reading

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How might the way be opened?

Some helpers bring the roof down on you. And maybe you get out in time and everybody’s glad, still the house lies in ruins and now there’s nowhere safe to rest your bones. What then? There is power in patience. … Continue reading

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Hollow Boned

Light rushes through into form, these pieces in my hands. What is conceived is born. I blow and blow. Words exchanged twine us into place, woven together again and again for every pulling apart. What is born takes up space, … Continue reading

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To the field

It has been winter in our hearts. The pulsed flow of things, the inevitability of shift, has been hidden from us. We thought we were looking straight on, we were, we were looking straight on and the intensity of our … Continue reading

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