To the field

It has been winter in our hearts. The pulsed flow of things, the inevitability of shift, has been hidden from us. We thought we were looking straight on, we were, we were looking straight on and the intensity of our focus masked the shifts in the periphery, what we knew but only underground, unnamed and unspoken.

Now everything is broken open and the air smells complicated. In all the rush and tumble, our gears fit together. Surprising. The sun polishes your breastplate. You raise your spear and I blow the judgement horn.

Go now. Go. Go. Go


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8 Responses to To the field

  1. Rose Gagne says:

    Brilliant! After a day of a breast surgery and being called to follow the Sun ( away from this MN winter)…this is the sign from Great Mystery, Mother Life I needed. 13 thank you’s for being the messenger.

  2. sara voorhees says:

    I love your view that it in our hearts it has been winter — suggesting that Spring is just a breath away. Exactly what we need!

  3. Nicole~ says:

    It’s good to hear from you, Lisa. I hope that horns calls in spring as well. So over the winter and cold. ” the air smells complicated ” I like that.

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