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the hedge of my choosing

I am surrounded by a thorn hedge. I have drawn the hedge around myself. I cannot move my tenderness against the hedge without doing damage. The sky comes down into the tangle in the form of cloud. Moisture condenses on … Continue reading

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love is yes

I kneel at the river’s edge, dip my hand into the cold flowing, cup the water and carry it to my face. The water is full of light and clarity. I think that this is all, this kneeling and receiving … Continue reading

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The River Dragon has a secret spring of generosity that does not ask what’s needed, but simply gives and gives and gives. OOO

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there there

I grinned at the River Dragon. He opened his arms to me. “There there,” he said, patting my back. “There there, it’s ok, you won’t always be this happy. There there. Don’t worry.” Giggles poured from me like strings of … Continue reading

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it’s you

When I come to the lair of the river dragon I find flowers in a vase among the buckets of old nails and brushes. I see betrayal in the long arms of blossoms the color of sunlight. “You’ve been entertaining … Continue reading

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all unknowing

My love went into the water to wrestle a whale onto the shore. The creature’s face on the sand was ancient and forgiving. My love went for his knife, while I scrambled for some teaching that might save her. There … Continue reading

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river dragon

My love is a river dragon, with scales of gold and red. He doesn’t know I know. Every morning he slips out to walk along the creak. Some days I go with him. Sometimes his words are dragon teeth. Sometimes … Continue reading

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