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whatever it is

I do not see the river. Or hear it. Or smell it. It is dark where I am, the ground hard and scrabbly under foot, the sky blanked by cloud. I do not even know which direction to walk in. … Continue reading

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I am beached on my own shore, unmoving. There is weed in my hair and a certain sogginess about my fingertips. Pebbled. I lie still in the comfort of the dark. The shush of the river soothes me; sweet, wordless … Continue reading

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what flowers will flower

The Ferryman takes my hand, makes a hammock of his body, holds and enfolds me. All around, the turbulence continues. Within his embrace my light shines. I cannot know what it might mean to others. Only that it is. It … Continue reading

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I hold out my hand. The Ferryman is right there, reaching for me, the tips of our fingers graze. The pulse of connection is deep and settling. We are united, shoulder to shoulder. The circle, all around me, the circle … Continue reading

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every breath a crossing

We are in the heart of the wood. It is dark and damp and still. I sit by the pool of the white lotus. The trunks of ancient trees tower over me. The ground is thick with ferns. My companions … Continue reading

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love is yes

I kneel at the river’s edge, dip my hand into the cold flowing, cup the water and carry it to my face. The water is full of light and clarity. I think that this is all, this kneeling and receiving … Continue reading

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night mother

The Ferryman leans over me, shakes me gently. “Wake up,” he says,  “you’ve been dreaming.” I am confused. It’s dark and chill. Where am I? The ground is damp underneath me. There is a sweet, bent grass scent to it. … Continue reading

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blessing monkeys

I am in the wood, moving fast. We have found a path, a trail. It is narrow and sometimes obscure. Leaves and small branches smack at me if I’m not careful. The Ferryman comes behind me, bearing my burdens. My … Continue reading

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Please don’t leave me

We are deep in the wood still, far from the river, small pale breathers in a tight woven darkness. I turn to the Ferryman. “Do not leave me. Every moment has its crossing, its stillness and turbulence. Do not leave … Continue reading

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we star the dark

It is dark, the deep end of evening. I stand at the river’s edge, the garden lush and green around me. I can hear the breeze through leaves. I can smell the yearning into the air. Suddenly, I hear the … Continue reading

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