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secret field of flowers

I went to the Wellspring. I was liquid and flowing. I was Wellspring. We laughed at that. I gifted her with the way the light chipped through the leaves. The bear came. He was warm and smelled earthy. I buried … Continue reading

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without the boat

Went to ground. Went to water. I was in the fountain all undone. I was in the river with the brown water flowing cool over me, hiding me, holding me. I held the lip of the boat and kept my … Continue reading

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the fox’s clean feet

The bear comes for me, moving quick. I grab hold of his ear and ride like a ribbon streamer as he bounds up the mountainside. The smell of hot dirt and sage washes through me. On the mountainside I am … Continue reading

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the road & the fox

The road is a pale sandy track through the trees, easy under foot. The bear walks with me. We go easy, not talking much, just following the road. Turning a bend we find a big red fox sitting in the … Continue reading

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