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Little Bit

It is difficult to express, starts out messy, dreaming of pockets. I am sloppy and shedding and everything hurts. I find my way to the Wellspring and ask for help with the ache in my head. I see my heart incased … Continue reading

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all the leaving

I went to the Wellspring and couldn’t hold my shape at all. I lifted my hands in supplication and they melted away. “Why have you stayed away?” she asked. I didn’t know. Sometimes I lose the way. Sometimes it seems … Continue reading

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secret field of flowers

I went to the Wellspring. I was liquid and flowing. I was Wellspring. We laughed at that. I gifted her with the way the light chipped through the leaves. The bear came. He was warm and smelled earthy. I buried … Continue reading

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the fox’s clean feet

The bear comes for me, moving quick. I grab hold of his ear and ride like a ribbon streamer as he bounds up the mountainside. The smell of hot dirt and sage washes through me. On the mountainside I am … Continue reading

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the road & the fox

The road is a pale sandy track through the trees, easy under foot. The bear walks with me. We go easy, not talking much, just following the road. Turning a bend we find a big red fox sitting in the … Continue reading

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an act of habitation

I go to meet the spirit of this day, to help me navigate this day of doing, duty and devotion. This hot Saturday in a house full of boys. I go to the Wellspring. I am a ribbon in the … Continue reading

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The mouth of something larger

The bear touches my chest, combs his claws through my hair, breathes into me. “You are always resting your head in the mouth of something larger,” he says. “This is the way with you.” OOO

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from now on

This is not the beginning. Some beginnings pass without note and it’s not until you are well on your way that you think to begin to tell it. This is like that, begun where I am, somewhere down the road, … Continue reading

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