ring of oaks

I give thanks for the ring of oaks that encircles me.

First, guardian of the left hand,
the gate of sleep and dreaming.

Second, guardian of the right hand,
the gate of work and craft.

Third, guardian of the brow,
the gate of knowing, of calm,
the face we present to the world.

Fourth, guardian of questions,
ears and shoulders.

Fifth, guardian of secrets,
waist and hips,
folding and protection.

Sixth, guardian of spine,
gate of power and lift,
the daily call to rise.

Seventh, guardian of answers,
the belly where new things begin.

And there, the outside oak,
guardian of the Other,
the mirror gaze, the self,
gate of the heart,
of attention and waiting.

This is where I live,
in the midst of all these gifts
and blessings.

We breathe together.


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