I dreamed again

I woke from dreams of effort and striving to find myself rainfall in the tree tops, the long descent broken across green surfaces, to gather again and fall and break again, until at last I fell into the still dark pool where the white lotus grows luminous. I lived there fully, in the still and the wet and the luminous. And then I woke again.


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4 Responses to I dreamed again

  1. me says:

    Sometimes, just before I fall into bed at night, my email program is open as I go to shut down my computer. Curiosity forces me to glance at new emails, even though I know it’s not a good idea (some emails get my mind spinning and sleep evades me). Sometimes there’s a new posting from you and sometimes I think to myself I’m too tired to read now, I’ll read in the morning. But again curiosity demands I read the first line and before I know it, I’ve read the whole thing and am breathless for more. Tiredness is not such a burden when reading your posts. Man, I love ’em! I love your gift. Thank you, lbk!

  2. Paula says:

    Thank you for sharing these exquisite dreams.

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