I wish to say thank you

It was snowing. I was driving a small car to a place I didn’t know how to get to. I’d forgotten my luggage and my feet were cold. My breath fogged the windshield. There were chunks of ice in the road, hazards that required radical swerving to avoid. Glimpses of oncoming traffic. A break in the cloud off to the right revealed that I was on a high, high, narrow bridge. I was lost. Lost and alone and cold and blind and unprepared.

Then I arrived.

My hostess greeted me warmly. I stood soggy in my stocking feet just inside the doorway and complained bitterly of my sorry state. Through the flow of my distress, she reached a hand to touch my arm, seeing in my saga what I myself had missed. “Oh,” she exclaimed, “God sent you a Djinn!”


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5 Responses to I wish to say thank you

  1. codirector says:

    Oh my! How fortunate! xoxox

  2. Where were you going, Girl? Where is it that you had arrived?
    This is beautiful, it reminds of a dream I had years ago about a university I had arrived at.
    When I got there people were waiting and saying, ‘We have been waiting for you.’ It felt good to finally be home – to have finally arrived.

  3. I just finished your book. Loved it! And left you a review on Amazon. I have a friend who might also like this. I will recommend it to him.

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