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perfect fit

I was given a new pair of shoes and sat to pull them on and lace them up. They fit perfectly. So perfectly that I couldn’t feel them at all. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything, like it was … Continue reading

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remembering what you want

Lake Water Woman gets kissed I stood facing the Buffalo Man, a great indecision of air between us. He stirred nothing in me. “I’m sorry,” I said. “Maybe if I could get closer. Why can’t I get close to you?” … Continue reading

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forgetting and waking

Buffalo Man and Lake Water Woman talk about forgetting I am aggrieved by my forgetfulness. “I don’t want to forget you.” Not ever again. Buffalo Man is untroubled. “Always you will forget. It is the second step in the cycle … Continue reading

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buffalo man and lake water woman

This is the story of Buffalo Man and Lake Water Woman. He stands on open ground, his feet in the grass, the breath of all his people stirring the day around him. He lifts his head and breathes the wind. … Continue reading

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I am this

A bag fell to the ground and two snakes spilled out, thin and writhing, poisonous. In the panic of feet that followed, the snakes drew themselves up into their own heads, flaring like a lizard’s ruff, the palest violet. The … Continue reading

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all unknowing

My love went into the water to wrestle a whale onto the shore. The creature’s face on the sand was ancient and forgiving. My love went for his knife, while I scrambled for some teaching that might save her. There … Continue reading

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every day there are knots to untangle

Today my teacher said: Imagine a long line of suitors each bringing you some version of your heart’s desire. Let them present their offerings to you, one after another. See what you discover. I didn’t want to play this game. … Continue reading

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from now on

This is not the beginning. Some beginnings pass without note and it’s not until you are well on your way that you think to begin to tell it. This is like that, begun where I am, somewhere down the road, … Continue reading

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