nothing is required of the rock

I went and found my Giant. I pressed my hand to his chest. All I wanted was to lean into his heart. All I wanted was to curl myself up there. He wrapped his hands around my shoulders and held me gently back. “You can’t rest in me,” he said. “You have to rest in you.”

So I tried that. I tucked myself into a dark embryonic curl, bathed in light. I thought I just needed to find an out-of-the-way place to keep myself apart, undisturbed. But no. It wasn’t like that. “You have to find rest in every moment of your life, as you live it. Right there.”

I sat myself up and the light and the dark swirled around and through me. “There is more to each moment than I can get my arms around. How can I rest when there’s so much going on? There’s too much.”

“How can you say there’s too much? Does the rock in the river worry over the water that doesn’t touch it?  What passes over the rock is enough to wear it smooth. Nothing is required of the rock.”


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