I was there to let him go

He came to me again last night.

I was so happy to stand in the lee of him. To walk in the same light, descend the same stairs. We made sense together. I wanted to stay beside him.

Several mornings I have woken with a sense of him, a presence large and somehow vulnerable and also, at the same time, strong. Last night, for the first time, he let me see him. Because he is so much bigger than me, I call him Giant. Because he is so valiant, I call him Hero.

He was going out into the cold and dark. He was going out from where we were together. He was going to save us.

I helped in small ways, retrieving his gloves from where they fell, working the latch on the glass door. And then he was gone and I was standing at the glass looking out into the darkness. And he was gone.

And I understood that that was what I was there for, I was there to let him go.


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