a thousand words for yes

If, as they say, education is the key, then I say
a girl needs to learn a thousand words for yes,
so that she might take them into her body
and make the world of them.

Something like this…

Yes I have an idea.
Yes listen.
Yes again.
Yes I know that it scares you, but you can trust me.
Yes this is hard, but worth it.
Yes this is scary, but good.
Yes I will think about it.
Yes that’s my decision.
Yes we will try that.
Yes I am worth it.
Yes I am worthy.
Yes I belong here.
Yes let’s try again.
Yes I am sure.
Yes this tangle has an answer.
Yes we will find it.
Yes let’s try something different.
Yes I understand what you’re saying.
Yes I can.
Yes I will.
Yes I remember.
Yes I’m listening.
Yes I am making it all up.
Yes it’s true.
Yes I know.
Yes follow me.
Yes I’ve got you.
Yes I see you.
Yes I understand.
Yes it’s confusing.
Yes it makes no sense.
Yes it’s stuck.
Yes we should change it.
Yes we can change it.
Yes let’s do.


See what they’re up to at the girleffect.org.

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4 Responses to a thousand words for yes

  1. juli says:

    Yes! What an amazing woman you are!

  2. Erica Staab says:

    Yes this is beautiful.

  3. codirector says:

    Yes! I love it.
    Yes! You are wonderful.

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