all the words unhomed

I am so glad to be here. I am weeping. Tears jewel my hair. I know that I am beautiful. I know that I am.

I am draped in midnight blue. The drape of it flows off behind me, infinitely. That river of blue.

The bear and I go walking. Not with any goal or purpose, but to move through the trees and light. To take the air.

Someone steps out from the edge of the trees across the way. She is ragged, shy and naked. She has been unhomed too long, with no one to receive her. Her cropped hair stands ruffled and contrary off the top of her head.

I dress her in jeans, a man’s shirt, loose and untucked, half-buttoned over an undershirt, and the sleeves rolled up. But no shoes. She refuses shoes. Her feet need the feel of the ground. I understand this.

She digs in her pocket for something. The stub of a pencil. She scribes words on the skin of her hand, in the dirt, under rocks. Words spill out of her like ninja stars, small spiky things. She is exhausted by the unending, unchanneled flow of them.

I take her up, wrap her in my blue, and she falls asleep, the words spilling out with her uncalculated breath, staining the blue, cutting fissures in the fabric, making starlight of me.

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8 Responses to all the words unhomed

  1. Yum. I’m in Paris and was having trouble putting words to how I feel. Thank you for saying it just right: the city has made starlight of me.


  2. Rose says:

    oh how beautiful and wildly nurturing. Yeay to stars and blue.

  3. codirector says:

    wow. I wish I dreamed like this.


    • lbk says:

      You my dear, carry your dreams into the world in your hands and touch, your smile, the cloud of your hair, and the impossible celebrations of your shoes.

  4. Beth Abernathy says:

    I’m so happy your journey has brought you to where I can hear you again….

    • lbk says:

      Thank you Beth. I have been hovering at the doorway wondering how to begin again to speak again until I realized it was simple. Just begin right here. Just tell this. I’m glad to find you’re still out there.

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