resting in faith

“Hush,” the Ferryman says.

I am cocooned in my red blanket, wrapped up tight.


I cease my struggle.

I am resting on the riverbank beside a small fire. The Ferryman sits by me. My Provider is cooking something, smiling a small smile, perfectly content with how things are. Resting in faith.

Out in the water the River King moans and writhes and gnashes his teeth. He is in a place I cannot join him. I must trust that he will rise again, that he will find his way.

Behind me on the crest of the plain the Buffalo Man has returned, drawn to the scent of my resting. He squats, patiently waiting. I see from his posture that this might take a while. I close my eyes.

There is a boat coming, bringing new hope and possibility, vigor. It’s not yet in sight but it will come, nosing around the bend. It will come.

“Don’t worry,” the Ferryman says, “I won’t let it pass you by.”


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1 Response to resting in faith

  1. Hi sweet Lisa, I wish you could see our porch now that we’ve created a lighter space by taking the banners down and rearranging things. It’s lovely. I also wish you could be here for Solstice, as the bonfire will be glowing. jen’s coming for breakfast tomorrow and we’ll hash out the details of our celebration. The portal is open, and my manuscript has demanded the driver’s seat. After reading the Time’s piece about e-book publishing on Amazon, I’m stepping inafter what I feel certain will be one last rewrite. This one will include the voice of one of my guardian angels. So wonderful, wonderful I say, to see you, to touch you, to be touched by you. Come back soon. Much love to you and yours, Lynn

    On Thu, Dec 13, 2012 at 8:39 PM, dream stories

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