she is free

There is light in the wood, I can see through the trees. I still stand holding Deer Man’s hand. I am everywhere at once. The bear climbs a tall pine and makes it sway. I stretch all the way back to the river. The rush of the river far back behind me feeds straight into my spine. I am nourished by this and grounded.

I think that’s it, but Deer Man stays me. I stretch in other directions too. There is a cliff face, a drop-off, and in the ravine a bramble. A wide eyed girl is caught in the thicket, thorns snag her clothes, she cannot move.

I teach her to go liquid. I free her. She frees herself. She is free.


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2 Responses to she is free

  1. I haven’t told you lately how much I love these passages. I love them.

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