February is THIS

I lie down. The world is full of crack and sparkle. The sound of laughter.

February is an imp, a trickster. She is dancing over my body with her tiny feet. “I cannot wait to open my presents,” she declares. “ I want them all NOW.”

February tears the covers off and laughs and claps and dances with delight. “Oh beauty. Oh riches.” Everything is a present to her. She opens everything.

“You,” she says, “sometimes you forget. Life is a celebration. But sometimes all you see is impossibility. Cold and gray. You stop. You forget to laugh and dance. You think: Oh I can’t. Oh it’s cold.” She is knocking me on my forehead, “Hey you in there – this is the party. This. This. THIS.”


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5 Responses to February is THIS

  1. codirector says:

    Please send February over to me. I’ve become way too serious. xoxox

  2. I needed this tonight! Thanks for the uplift! :-))

  3. lbk says:

    You are most welcome! We all need a little February inversion sometimes, don’t we?

  4. me says:

    This February inversion came at the right time. I had a bit of a headache and realized February had been knocking’ on my forehead awhile. I love her sass!

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